The Electronica Outskirts #6

When it comes to “experimental electronica” I tend to favour the really, really “out there” material. The more fragmented, confusing and disorientated something is, the wider the experimental fan in me smiles.

But here’s three great tracks that I would still categorise as quite accessible also for the more conventional listener out there, much thanks to a solid beat setting the framework.

Without neither of the tracks ever running the risk of being described as “conventional”.

Kilig – I’m Trying

For those of us who are accustomed to underground club music, we direct our attention to the rhythm rather than the melody in a track. We are interested in the groove.

And this track, despite also having melodic elements, is all about the groove. And dayyyymn – that groove!

Orbitfold – Olivia

Next up we’re heading deeper into the experimental, uncharted grounds of electronica. More chaotic, a melting pot of vibes, but still with a solid beat and a catchy theme.

The artist describes their track as “a colourful collage of my various musical influences. With a tinge of dark psychedelia.”. And that sounds about right.

GILA – Whoalotta

GILA introduce this track as “a techno-inspired “noir thriller”, and the centrepiece of GILA’s forthcoming debut album, Energy Demonstration”. So, noir-techno! That’s a first.

And the beat here is properly deep, dark and mechanical, well within the techno definition. Add to that almost ambient like textures and an artist that is dedicated on walking his own paths, and this is the outcome.

An outcome we for one applaud. We look forward to check out the rest of the album!

Kilig’s track can be enjoyed along with a lot of other great music that fits the “experimental” tag, on our “The Electronica Outskirts” Spotify playlist. The other two unfortunately seems to only be found on Soundcloud.