The NuJazz Lounge

In this nuJazz session we’ll start out in rather old-school r’n’b/soul grounds and then gradually venture towards the more progressive and free jazz vibes.

Corey Rezner – Mr. Green

Today we’re starting up in an interesting merge of old-school soul, r’n’b and jazz. Smooth, elegant, light footed and very accessible.

I’m actually pushing my own boundaries here with this track, as it is a bit too far off the nu-jazz vibe I am after. However, there’s just something about this track that made me feel all cosy inside, with associations back to plenty of classic artists. And that gotta count for something?

Good lounge vibes.

Hemai & Laura Roy & Woddy Green – Relight

And if you thought the first track were a bit too light on the foot, we’re entering deeper jazz grounds with this next one, although still firmly on the accessible, mainstream jazz street.

Lovely percussion and bass work here. With the classy female vocalist that just reeks of elegant jazz lounge vibes. However, as the track progress modern production technique appear and gives the track a modern flair. A touch I personally really appreciate.

And this track holds a rather big surprise, revealed around midway. A rapper(!).

It’s… Different. But it works!

Vintage Astronaut – Robot To Robot Massage Parlor

And to round today’s session off, here’s a track that boldly treads even deeper out into the experimental modern jazz sphere, from the progressive jazz power trio Vintage Astronaut (USA).

And now we’re really on my preferred landscape when it comes to new jazz. A good balance of “old and new”, not too traditional yet familiar vibes. Not too mainstream, yet accessible enough.

All three are to be found in our really quite elegant and very jazzy Spotify playlist, “The NuJazz Lounge” where we more and more often find ourselves hanging out.