The Progressive Underground #3

Weekends aren’t much to kick-start these days, are they? With Corona and all. But the music can’t be stopped. And here’s three really great, new progressive house tracks. Real progressive house.

Charlotte Petitte & Gai Barone – Further

A rock solid groove on this one. Proper progression. Repetitive, yet constantly changing. Always building, building, building – like they should in this genre. Never taking off, just rising into clubber heaven.

And that break? Man. Steering clear of all cliches. No swirling snare drums, none of that shit to be found here.

Gotta love it.

Stranger Souma – All About Her

And we continue the good groove on this contribution, from the Moroccoan DJ and producer Stranger Souma.

Aside from being a DJ and producer she is also co-founder of the label Volubilian Records, through which she actively champions the region’s unique musical heritage as well as greater opportunities for its female artists.

And it’s no doubt she understands what progressive house is all about.
I gotta check out a DJ set from her someday. Surely they must be awesome.

The Stupid Experts – S.S.S.O.N

And finally, a quite dark and deep affair from the British producer duo The Stupid Experts. They establish an atmosphere of an intimate and good old fashion trippin’ club vibe.

Properly underground. And a club where this is played, now that’s a club I wanna hang ’till the wee hours of the morning. In fact, why leave at all.

We stay strictly underground in our Spotify playlist “Progressive Underground”, where we add nothing but the productions that are true to the original definition of the genre. We know you appreciate that.