The Progressive Underground #4

Two new releases on the menu today, two with at least one foot in a second genre. But they rock in that progressive way that you and me like. Let’s check’em out!

Slytek – Transfusion

A slightly more melodic and softer progressive house track than I typically select, one could easily claim this is a crossover towards deep house, but there’s just something about the vibe on this one that I fell in love with.

It’s deep, dark, contained, never breaks into any sort of fury. But the groove, man. The groove! It’s so totally there, in spades.

In fact, this track demonstrates how close deep house and progressive house are related.

Metehan Pala – Kintalirin

We’re off to Turkey next, to find Metehan Pala and his “Kintalirin”. A thunder of a track, with one foot in the techno scene but it’s the melodic elements that pulls it over to the proghouse side of things for me. Yeah yeah, I know, there’s something called “melodic techno” today but I just ignore that. “melodic” and “techno” is and will always be a contradiction where I come from. So there. :p

But anyway, this track is a builder of the finest order. If your audience is not afraid of you turning a bit techy on their asses, this one should rock well.

Both tracks are added to our gloriously dark and underground vibed Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground”, where we collect all the progressive tracks that gives us goosebumps. In all modestly, but we’ve not found a playlist that holds a better average than this one. Send us a message if you think you do!