The Underground House Bunker #2

Here’s two excellent house tracks of the underground kind, but amongst the underground crowd these two should have some seriously wide appeal. Both driven by a rock solid groove and excellent vocals(!).

Ink Project Feat. Coreysan – Feeding The Fire (Remix by El Choop)

As I start off at the deepest end, this track from the UK duo Ink Project has that lovely, deep groove that will create an excellent atmosphere at the dark clubs we love to hang at.

Never taking off, only elegantly gliding right above the treetops. With vocals that fits perfectly to the vibe of the arrangement.

Ray La Fanue – Perfect Toy

We’re increasing the intensity quite a few levels now, with this next stomper from Australia. This is peak hour material. True old-school club vibes going on here.

To be totally honest – and I always am – I find that the breaks during this track balance dangerously close on the border to cheesy. But once the groove kicks in that’s soon forgotten.

And the beat is so darn playful! Real bouncy, happy, forcing heads to bop and legs to move. And that’s really all club music is about.

Both of these are found on our quite new and fairly well kept secret “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest underground house tracks as we discover them.