There’s always a Beach Club open somewhere

My hunt for the perfect music for my future beach lounge continues. This time I’ve chosen three that’s fully electronic, and two of them are also quite danceworthy(!).

VILIFY – Ascension

It’s a lovely arrengement on this one. Like sea swells lazily rolling towards the beach. Also a quite unique soundscape making this a track easy to remember.

An obvious entry on our playlist.

Recable – Gravel Folk

This next track is actually quite upbeat, and could well be defined as Deep House. I do however perceive the vibe here to be quite chill, and thus could be argued for being a crossover.

Blue Cloud – Presence

Here’s a fun and glitchy little bouncer. Again a track a bit more suitable for dancing than what I usually pick for this playlist, but I just feel this has that light summer vibe of sunny days and lazy evenings.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of head bopping now and then at our beach lounge? We’ll not be totally sedated by the chill vibe.

All three are added to our glorious “Beach Lounge” playlist, where all the tracks suitable for my future beach lounge are collected as I discover them.