THIS Is Techno

Time to pull out the big fat guns again. Those who are built for the main halls. Here’s three tracks that severely STOMPS. And it’s not often I select two tracks from the same artist – but this time it had to be done.

Mike Redfields – Eternal

Really classic main hall techno, this. Massive in every way, with a rumbling kick, a tight bass that hammers in the bottom and a twirling, rusty, acidic main that just cuts through the moist like a lazer. That’s the components we ask for, and Mike delivers on all accounts.

A solid production that will pull your floor into frenzy – unless you’re at the wrong floor.

Toma Hawk – Blubber

The kick drum in this track totally dominated the soundscape. Maybe a bit too much so, I mean the entire track plays second fiddle to it. Or even thirds.

But that’s also one of the attractions here. It is so relentlessly, unreservedly and explicitly hammering the beat in a way that one can’t help but feel a bit seduced by. There’s just not a single cloud of doubt what we’re meant to do here.

And we do it. Oh yes, we do.

Toma Hawk – 303 Aliens

And when we inspect the mix on this next track we understand that it was a very intentional mix on “Blubber”, cause here we got a much more balanced mix, with each layer in focus.

Not to say the kick isn’t prominent in the mix – of course it is. It’s just not as dominating. And the euphoric vibe is really good here. It’s so I do wonder if someone slipped something good into my coffee this morning, cause this baby rocks.

A massive, enormously huge and dark soundscape, dark as the deepest techno bunker, dubious shit going on in every nook and cranny. One massive mechanical construction that just rolls over us like a monster – relentlessly towards peak.

And when the acid boils over around midway? Daaayyyymn. We wanna be where this track is played!

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “THIS is techno!”, where we collect the tracks that is true to the classic techno formula. None of that “melodic techno” nonsense here. This is the real deal.