Ambient Universe #50

Imagine that. I’ve reached FIFTY blog posts about ambient releases now. Fifty! That’s quite a lot of music. But as a consequence, our playlist of the same name has grown into a powerhouse of the kind of ambient we love around here.

I’m celebrating the first 50 with no less than 5 excellent new releases!

Goodparley (UK) – Sedative In Spring

A really interesting soundscape in this one, thanks to accoustic recordings and reversed sounds.

Slightly unnerving, intriguing, experimental vibe with an rustic feel. Like exploring an antique shop after closing hour.

subterrene (USA) – forget yourself

The space in this one, and I am now talking volume, the size of the soundscape – is massive here. Like one giant, empty yet enclosed space that makes an aircraft service hall seem cosy.

And it’s slippery in all the reverb. Like there’s nothing to hold on to here, nothing to keep us on solid ground. We are sliding around, helpless, confused.

But we love it.

Justin Robinson (USA) – Autumn Fog

We’ve been introduced to Justin earlier, and here he’s back with another lovely soundscape of peace and harmony. A quiet guitar is adding a very welcome accoustic layer to the composition, as he depicts a cold autumn fog.

Anaamaly (USA) – Love and Guidance (Alpha Waves)

I don’t know what you’re hearing now but I’m onboard a space ship, that’s for sure.

Deep space wonders never before seen by the naked eye is decorating the distant horizon as we glide steadily towards our destination. The service shift is over, all engines running like clockwork, all scanners green. A few hours of relaxsation is all that’s left before we are put back into cryosleep.
This journey will take decades. And we will wake up in worlds unknown.

Joel Avalo (USA) – Sinister

And we round off this celebration with a “bonus track” that doesn’t seem to be released on Spotify (yet?). And that’s a shame, cause the atmosphere in this one is just plain gorgeously dark.

One can only start imagining where we are here. It could be anywhere from a backstreet of Jack The Ripper’s London to a futuristic space station where no life is detected.

Or, wait… What’s that sound?

The first four are all added to our flagship playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect only the finest, deepest, most futuristic and creative ambient releases.