Ambient Universe #51

The theme for this weeks ambient blog post is to return to familiar grounds. Four artists, three of whom we’ve covered before and a new artist (from India! How cool is that!) that offer a really classic space droned piece of work.

Spacecraft (India) – Starlight Passage

Starting off this session with a classic drone based space themed atmosphere. Even though I have said many times that I try to steer clear the most classic “long pads in slowly evolviong harmonies” it’s really hard to avoid. Partially because, well, we all love these now don’t we. But also because this particular track is so very good at what it sets out to do.

And lastly, the very theme of our ambient playlist (and thus, also the blog) is “space exploration”. And this IS space exploration music, as far as I am concerned.

Goodparley (UK) – End i

And we continue down the familiar path on this next one, from the UK. A sea of reverb embrace the quite experimental and dark atmosphere.
Or, as Goodparley so elegantly puts it, “Melodies bubble at the surface, distortion creeps through the gaps. A subterranean lair of a track. Dark ambient world-building and psychedelic droning.”

What he said.

We’ve covered Goodparley before, in fact just last week, but here he again demonstrates so well why we should keep doing that.

Trova (USA) – 854

Trova is another gentleman we’ve covered before, although it’s been a while now so it’s well due to revisit this fantastic ambient artist.

He he delivers an almost orchestral piece, draped in a cover of distant ambient noises and lofi field recordings.

Incredibly atmospheric. Masterly done.

Unknown Observer (Netherlands) – Contemplating

And finally, we continue the dark vibe on this gorgeous track from Unknown Observer. Yet another artist we’ve covered before here on the blog, although it’s been a while.

Here he again demonstrates his ability to blend synths, effects and field recordings to create a massive, massive soundscape. Very dramatic, and almost tipping over to become too energetic for our playlist.
But just almost.

All four tracks are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient universe”, where we collect only the finest ambient tracks as we discover them. This is space exploration music. Enjoy the trip.