Ambient Universe #52

Today I am pleased to say that I have two quite extraordinary ambient productions for you. “Extraordinary” in the literal sense of the word, as in something unusual. We’re far off the ordinary “long pads in slow harmonics” type ambient now. This is… Something else.

Kamil Kowalczyk – Alien Compression

The first track today is a really good example of what I want to hear more of: No melody, no harmonics, no birds or rain-forests or anything organic at all. This has the futuristic, very abstract vibe that sends me straight into some distant space station.

Very minimalisic, with just enough little details in the soundscape for us to set out on an exploration.

Mjorn – Dry Watercolors

Here’s another example of something quite different than our usual stream of ambient. And also very different fromt he first track today. Here chaos reigns in a very organic and almost antique vibe.

Wonderfully experimental, exceptionally imaginative. Where are we here? In some abandoned toy store? It’s all up to your imagination.
That’s the wonder of these kind of tracks.

Unfortunately the first track doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, but “Dry Watercolours” is and are found on our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”. A list well worth adding to your library!