Breaking the records

Time for some some heavy, rumbling and shattering breakbeat monsters! Three dark, sexy grooves for liberated minds. I’ve been worried these kind of breaks were gone. It’s so rare I find’em today, but here’s three spanking new discoveries!

Sublab & Azaleh – Arcanum

A f.a.n.a.s.t.i.c groove on this one. My mancave walls are shaking in glee as I write this. A dark, mysterious vibe, a trippy venture into the dungeons of bodily pleasures.

Not the wildest burst of energy out there but rather a smooth, seductive groove. I mean, this thing here is downright SEXY!

Tibasko – Only You

And it’s not like this one is anything less, when it comes to the beat. Classic breakbeat groove, sprinkled with vocals and synth brigthness to balance out the brutal bass.

And what a bass. This is so, SO lovely to hear again.

Jaffna – Headlines

A dark, properly deep underground vibe going on here. Deeper than the other two, with a glorious tribal percussion on top that really triggers the neanderthal instincts embedded in our genes.
This is dark club material for steamy hot and liberal minded individuals.

This is the crowd we want to hang with.

All three are added to our steadily building breakbeat collection, named “Breaking The Records”, where we add new splendid breaks as we discover them.