It’s House Music! #2

Here’s three recently discovered house tracks that stands firmly on the underground scene. From deep to funky to bouncy – these should please most house aficionados out there. Check’em out!

RossAlto – Groove (Greece)

First out is a smooth, funky groove from Greece.

A rather interesting sound on this one, a lot (too much?) going on at the same time making it a bit hard to get a grip on instantly, but once it gets under your skin it works like crazy.

A definite head bopper, and well suitable for an underground house set.

Hakan Reyhan – Urim

And we remain firmly in the underground with this next one, from Turkey. We’re going deeper now, and with such a lovely house groove. Minimal by nature, with just the right amount of layers. Lovely percussion hits sproinkled across.

And I always find it so fascinating to hear releases from countries like Turkey, who we associate with almost anything else than deep, steamy, modern club music. And this is not the first time, either. There’s quite obviously more going on there than one would guess judging from their government!

SAMBØ – Step Two (UK)

And finally, one from the good old UK, a tight mother of a track. I mean, just listen to that bass! Oh mama.

Real classic house vibes going on here. Elegantly balancing between a proper deep groove and an utterly accessible old-school hook.

This is one solid dance floor shaker!

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist “It’s House Music!” where we collect all the best house tracks that makes our feet tap and heads bop.