It’s House Music! #3

Usually I bundle tracks with a common theme, but today I’ve almost done the opposite, collected three really good tracks that belongs to each their sub-genres of House. I still think they sound well together, though.

Dayvonjersen – A vague memory of paradise

A deep, techy drive kicks off the session today. Gorgeously hypnotic, with a fantastic underground vibe that while being quite catchy and not too inaccessible doesn’t even try to pretend it caters to the wider masses.

And that vocal sample that breaks in now and then? So effective and lovely contrast! Pure ecstasy.

This is one for the right clubs. The clubs where we want to hang out.

Nikco (UK) – Disco Nights

And from the techy we’re heading more organic and brighter grounds with this next one from the UK. And as is revealed already from the title, it’s time to strap on the bootcut pants and shake your tush.

It’s not too disco, though. It’s primarily a classic house groove, the vibe that introduced many of us to the House genre. Not too intense, not too demanding, this one can work just as well to bop heads in a lounge as it can pump a floor.

WestBoy – HideAway

The final track for this session takes us toward what I suppose many call “melodic techno”. I have still not quite figured out why we can’t continue to call it Progressive House, but so be it. I’m old, nevermind me. 🙂

It has a great deep drive, and even though I’m not sure what to think about the vocals – are they needed? – the dreamy, floating vibe paired with the deep club groove is a combo that never gets old.

These are all added to our “It’s House Music” playlist, where we collect beats across a wide range of sub-genres of House. Great stuff, add it to your playlist collection today!