It’s House Music!

We’re really stretching out geographically today, from the UK via Estonia and all the way to Thailand! A selection of three new releases that should satisfy most fans of underground house music.

Maffmatix x Atiya – Wake Up

First out today is a quite melodic and different sounding house track from what I usually pick. A light and bright, but oh so groovy beat sets the frame for the track, primarily supported by vocal samples of various character. And Atiya’s vocals fits a track like this just perfectly.

Also, this track is from Thailand! How cool is that?

Bad Space Monkey – Headhob

A more upbeat track follows, this time from Estonia(!). A classic, playful house piano whips up the atmosphere before we enter a rock solid oldschool house groove that also lends itself to the tech house crowd, it has much of that same energy.

A solid prime time track!

CJW – Ocean Blues

The deepest of the three! A real solid groove and a proper vibe, this is one for the underground house DJs out there.

Quite surprisingly it seems this one is not available on Spotify. That’s how underground we are now. And, well, we like it here, don’t we!

The first two are added to our “It’s House Music!” playlist on Spotify, where we collect a good selection of solid club tracks across several sub-genres of House, but all with that proper underground vibe. Well worth giving a spin!