The Bass Monsters #2

My latest passion when it comes to genres is bass music/Leftfield Bass. Dark, chunky blobs of bass that drowns itself in insane low frequency madness, often at a very low tempo.

Here’s a couple of fresh releases taken from the “Leftfield Bass” crate. We’re steadily working up an epic playlist here!

GuyR – Systemapping

There’s just no doubt what is the focal point in this track. And when the beat kicks in the family relation with drum’n’bass is revealed. However, the beat never steals the attention fromt he bass, as often d’n’b tracks do.

And what a lovely acidic bass we have here. Quirky, stuttering, laid-back, confident and just so damn sexy. Like a sedated space worm in a monster bordello.
Exactly like that.

Haiku – Escapism

The opening threw me off when I first heard it, preparing for a synthwave track. But gradually the first impression is warped into something much more current day. This one actually has a fairly high bpm of around 115 I would guess? Breakbeat landscape.

Quite clubby vibe with a stomping kick, but the twirly bass holds the center of this sound stage as it should.

And man, how it slams, whirls, bangs. Pushing the groove like crazy, this one is definitely one for the dance floors.

Both are added to our new Spotify playlist “Bass Monsters”, where we will collect the insane bass monsters as we discover them. Are you sitting on a track that you think deserves to be added? Feel free to send it to us!