The Bass Monsters

So, I’m expanding the scope of this blog again! This time to also embrace “leftfield bass”, a genre that is characterised by a very low tempo and – yes you guessed it – bass. Lots and lots of big, fat, swirling, wobbling, massive and slamming BASS.
Charmingly inaccessible and seductive at the same time, it is a genre that should work well with the rest here at Beatradar.

And I’ll be the first to admit that this genre is very very new to me. I find it fascinatingly different from the genres I usually listen to (and write about), I’m a complete newbie, so this breed of electronica is one I’ll learn to know as we go!

PLTX – Hamsterrad

PLTX is a german act who demonstrates what the genre is all about. A deep, rumbling bass is what it’s all about.

And what a gorgeous bass it is. My bootcut jeans are flapping as I write this, in sheer subwoofer glee. As they should!

Spinelly – Versus

Next up is Spinelly, a DJ and radio jockey from Austria that’s been delving in bass music since 2012.

And her track here is of the dark and endlessly deep nature. Fascinatingly slow and equally hypnotic.

Perhaps the least accessible of the two, and grittier, more minimal, but spins up a vibe that really creates a very special, dark and cold atmosphere.

A vibe I can totally dig. More Leftfield Bass to come the next weeks!

Both of these tracks are added to our completely new playlist “The Bass Monsters”, who right now don’t hold many tracks at all. That should rapidly change with time, though. You are of course welcome to follow it and watch it evolve into a fully fledged showroom for bass music!