The Beach Lounge #2

It’s been a while since we stopped by our imagined Beach Lounge, where all the right people hangs. Here’s three new releases that’s just right for such a place.

LOUNGETUNES (Germany) – Downtown

Startinf off today’s session with a track that’s become one of my favourite findings these recent weeks: It holds a perfect touch of jazz, lovely percussion work, and an excellent laidback groove.

But especially the jazzy vibe is the seller here. I have found myself more and more drawn towards downtempo tracks with these kind of atmospheres, where jazz is one of many components in a gorgeous blend.

And the different components do go along exceptionally well here. The result is a lovely, coherent lounge groove that just so totally hits home.

Bryonii feat Act Cool (UK) – Paradise Lost

Next up is Ryonii and her floating, dreamy creation “Paradise Lost”. And with the airy vocals that fits perfectly these kind of arrangements, this is a match made in paradise.

It is accessible as can be, but in my opinion it still holds some of that “underground” vibe I always seek. This is simply a perfect track for the right crowd. You.

Cirroo (Canada) – Another Mind

Continuing the floaty vibe with this dreamer of a track.

Warm, big synths aplenly in an utterly harmonic and… Friendly way. That’s the word that pops up in my head while listening to this one. “Friendly”.

It’s a cosy track! As good as a vibe can get. Give me associations to the lovely atmosphere found on Enyas music. Timeless qualities.

All three are added to our lovely “Beach Lounge” playlist, a list that now is occupied by a remarkable collection of downtempo tracks of various character, with one thing in common: They would all be played at my imaginary beach bar. That’d be one awesome place to lounge.