The Beach Lounge #3

I’m in such a beach lounge mood nowadays! I just can’t seem to get enough of the calm, chill vibes out there. And there’s plenty of them! So let’s get to work. Here’s three of the most suitable tracks I’ve recently found for our beach lounge sessions.

Peter Anderson (UK) – Shavasana

I’m starting out this session with a real jazzy, trip-hoppy smooth sailin’ instrumental with lovely retro (or rather, timeless) vibes. And it puts a smile on my face.

Lovely lounge atmosphere. Dangerously accessible, but elegantly dodge the “elevator music” stamp by offering a unique arrangement and above all: It’s got soul. Plenty of it. Really well performed, with finesse and elegance.

Yeah. Definitely Beach Lounge material.

Shafkkat (UK) – Omission

.. but so is this, on the more electronic side of the scale. Maybe even more so, for that very reason.

The great rhythm is the engine of this track, but strengthened by dreamy pads and vocal samples that all pull this wagon in the same direction, towards lounge bliss.

Mentally I’m back in Ibiza now.

Henry Blaeser & CoastalDives (USA) – Ghost II

Rounding off this session with this one from the USA; Ghost II. A deeper track than the first two, darker perhaps, but still with much of that same overall feel.

And I’m turning all nerdy on y’all now, but this track reminds me of the melody played in the newbie area of Omni-Tek, in the decades old MMORPG Anarchy Online. In the odd chance of you actually knowing that track let me add that this is not as jazzy as that one, it just has some of that same vibe.

Either way, the elegant percussive vibe and contained atmosphere makes this one well suitable to be added to the Beach Lounge collection.

All three are found on our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge”, a list consisting of the greatest downtempo tracks as I discover them. Why not add it to your collection of playlists? It really is worth it, in our humble opinion.