The Beach Lounge #4

From US to UK to Japan, we’re really circling the globe on the hunt for the very best artists to feature on our imaginative Beach Lounge. Three great artists who in each their own ways establish and maintain a lovely atmosphere.

Koresma & Edapollo (USA) – Paint the Sky

This first track holds properties that is very classic what i fall for in the context of our imaginary Beach Lounge. Catchy beat, lovely floating melodies and a combination of electronica and accoustic elements. It’s just so RIGHT for these kind of vibes. And it’s really well done here.

So it’s no wonder that we’ve featured Koresma before – and there’s no doubt we’ll do it again.

Noé Solange (UK) – Invisible Handcuffs

It’s not often that I choose tracks for this blog where a vocalist is the centre piece, my preferences are strongly in the direction of instrumentals.

But daaaaaymn, this voice! This track, I just could not let it go!
Lovely mix, vocals so well in front, clear and relatively dry – not drenched in effects like I too often hear.
And that dreamy, floating atmosphere she builds, perfectly accompanied by the gorgeous backing…

Seriously, I can’t recall hearing anything quite as sedative and beautiful as this ever since George Michael released his album “Older” back in the 90s.

What a track. What an artist!

Ayane Yamazaki (Japan) – 呼びかけられて

And from one fantastic female artist to another: Ayane Yamazaki from Japan. She describes her music as “a unique alternative music that is a miracle mix of Tokyo city pop and New York dream pop and bedroom pop”.

And dreamy is definitely a keyword here. The lyrics describes a young girl’s romance and world view, which also leads to resonance with the LGBT movement. It was chosen as the theme song for the LGBT-themed movie.

The multifaceted track holds a touch of jazz that I personally really appreciate, and the arrangement never rests as it moves seamlessly between segment after segment.

A pure treat to enjoy.

All three are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist “The Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the best downtempo tracks we’d love to hear in a beach lounge of the right kind. This is one list to add to your collection – regularly updated!