The Deep Lounge #4

Here’s two that really are operating on each their fields within the Deep House landscape. One quite minimal and steady flowing, the other quite pompous and dynamic.
And both are worth checking out.

Simon Rose (Israel) – Getting Deeper

Starting off with a rather minimal house/techno crossover that delivers a steady vibe and a downright gorgous sound design. So crisp, so fresh, so sparkling. Listening to this track is like enjoying real good candy.

It does eventually move dangerously towards the trance side of things, but luckily manages to remain on the right side of that border.

A great track that may work equally well in a chilled lounge set as in a good, deep dance floor session.

Haddadi Von Engst feat. Phonic Youth (USA) – I Was Blind

An epic intro takes us into Haddadi Von Engst’s latest production, “I Was Blind” featuring Phonic Youth on vocals. A cool vocal performance that fits the vibe of the track perfectly.

There’s something just so massive about the breaks of this track. They sound bigger than the main parts, creating a kind of a opposite experience than usual. And especially since they come in so tight succession one might get the feeling the breaks take the role of being the main component of the track.

But different is good. Especially when it sound as good as here.

Both of these are found on our Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where all our last few months of Deep House discoveries are collected. A list well worth adding to your library.