The Electronica Outskirts #8

Let’s take a stroll across the experimental district, shall we? The quarters where nothing can be taken for granted. Here’s two that excels in all their creative madness. And I really mean that. Two of my best experimental discoveries so far.

Gabriel Stern – This ‘n That

As Gabriel describes it, “We wander into a heavenly field, The angels are singing. Sunlight slants in… but wait… a preacher calls and all is wafted up into a throbbing, gorgeous, menacing, confusing vortex.

We are definitely in the trippy side of the experimental quarters now. And that in itself is not that rare once we venture into these quarters of the musical landscape, there’s lots of weird shit out there.

What’s rare in this track is that every single component here – and there’s a ton of them – all blends so perfectly well into each other. This is a unified clutter of chaos. Or a structured fragmentation, if you like.

There’s so much to explore here. And each time we listen, we discover a new story. A new fragmentation of someones perception of reality.

I really can not get enough of this track. This, this right here, this is why I started covering experimental music on this blog. This is what I wanted to find.

And here I found it.

Ani Klang – The Problem =

And while tumbling around the citadel of the experimental side of town, in the chaos state of mind we are in, we somehow stumble down an alley and into an underground club where faceless voices are surrounding us softly, seductively luring us into the deepest corner of the cave.

Burlesque shadows are performing on stage while we sip the drinks we are served. Am I still awake? Are you? Does it matter?

Both of these masterpieces are found on our Leftfield/experimental playlist, “The Electronica Outskirts” where we collect only the finest works within the broad spectrum of Leftfield electronica.