The Electronica Outskirts #9

Monday, a fresh start of a new week, is a great day to venture into the unknown. And “uncharted waters” is really what experimental music is all about. Time to head to the outskirts!

Ajgor (Poland) – Oceans

I’m opening this session with a dive into the dark and dramatic.

Gorgeous vocals that really delivers on the atmosphere. I would assume the language here is Polish, and for me that really adds to the unique vibe of the track. A track that also gives me associations to traditional folk songs in a modern dress.

A really cool find.

Mike Lukich (USA) – that was great but it’s over

There’s something about looped samples. I’ve always been fascinated by the effect it creates, each repetition adds to the greater picture and slowly changes the perception of the sample even though the sample itself remains the same.

Here we have a wonderfully experimental track that is build around this effect, with additional manipulations along the way. Mike told us it’s built from two looped samples of his daughter’s school choir. Very cool.

And that sudden, full minute of just pure rain at the end? Love it.

Oils (UK) – Lower Yourself Down

We’re rounding off in a properly cilled out fashion, with this dreamy, washed out instrumental that is probably best described as experimental ambient. And as such it’s bloody great.

Very cinematic and retro vibe, it’s no surprise that Oils themselves describes their music as “a journey between fleeting states of mind and awareness within an aesthetic of 70’s psychedelia, sci-fi synth heavy soundtracks and cult film animation.”

That’s in fact exactly what it sounds like.

All three tracks are found on our experimental/leftfield playlist, “The Electronica Outskirts” where we collect a wide range of experimental and/or hard to tag tracks of excellent quality.