The Progressive Underground #5

With this post we’re really true to our scope of sticking to the underground. I’m about to take you on a journey through three gorgeously progressive tracks from the deep. And, well, it gets quite trippy at the end.

In a good way.

Y-Dapt – Love Thang (Garruk Remix)

This first one has a looooovely prog/minimal crossover underground sound that just sits so right with me. Hypnotic, repetitive, never too eager, just vibin’ its thing until it to totally sits under our skin. Building and building without ever tipping over the top.

And that triablistic percussion? There’s no genre it fits better than in progressive tracks.
This is an excellent track to play around midway in a progressive DJ set.

Mnexsis – Eye of Shiva (Dub Mix)

But we’re not leaving the underground anytime soon. Nooo way. The groove on this next one is so rock solid and downright fantastic.

This is the club vibe that made me a clubber in the first place. The continuous, tight, hypnotic groove that just rolls right in to the centre of our very mind.

Wojmann – The Girl Who Found Me

And just when you thought we could not get any deeper, I give you Wojmann and their “The Girl Who Found Me”. We’ve entered a progressive trance by now, and we can feel every single beat.

We find a lot of genres in this one, from deep house to progressive house to trance. And we consume every piece of it, unreserved. Especially the delicate percussive details in the beat. Lovely.

This one’s for the good trip. Let’s stay here for a while.

All three are added to our quite frankly plain awesome Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground”. One of the better kept secrets in the Spotify underworld. Turn it on, turn it up, and enjoy.