THIS Is Main Hall Techno!

I’m going all main hall on us now, with this bouquet of techno tracks that really slams. Like, really. Three tracks of extraordinary quality. This is stuff that ignites your adrenaline. If that’s a thing?

Doc Brown (USA) – Program

I’m kicking off this post with one serious main hall peak hour madness from the US of A. One could describe this entire track one continous riser.

Techno purists (and I have a few of them in my social circles) will claim this is mainstreamed techno, or better described as Tech House but come the f*ck on, tell me this isn’t working like CRAZY.

So yeah, this one is added to my bag. And yours too, I would assume?

BreakCode (UK) – Filth & Fury

And we can’t stop now. We’ve featured Breakcode earlier, and here they are back with one INSANE slammer of a track, best I’ve heard from them so far. A fascinating blend of really weird and wonderful breaks, no cliches found here – and god daaaaymn how it slams.

I honestly can’t say I heard anything in a very long time that’s made my adrenaline pump harder than this track.
An obvious purchase to any DJ bag.

Franz (Italy) – Kundalini

We’re rounding off with this little beauty from Italy. Going deeper and more acidic now, but the gorgeous energy level remains.

This is the kind of track that I want to hear in the wee hours of the morning, at a mad club where we’re trippin’ with only the right people in the crowd, cruizin’ on the highs of the real techno music.

May it never end.

Franz is unfortunately not on Spotify but the first two are added to our Spotify playlist, “THIS Is Techno”, where only the best and most slamming techno tracks are added as we discover them. This is one playlist you want to add to your collection.