Ambient Universe #53

A new session of ambient delights ahead – three gorgeous tracks from the “new releases” bin. And I really mean that – these three are fantastic.

Patient Hands (Canada) – Not Wake Up

… “and so all the choirs from heaven jopined forces to give us a message of tons and tons of airy choir synths.” – the scriptures.

Well, with all’em bells ringing and stuff this months, can we call this one “christmas ambient”?

I think we may… I think we can! Yes. Oh come all ye ambient faithfuls!

Blessed are the Hearts that Bend (UK) – Kaal

No, you read that right, I didn’t mix it up. That’s the band name, and their track is “Kaal”.

Not sure if Kaal refers to R’Kaal or Kal from Star Trek, but the vibe from the track itself sure express a “boldly go where no man has gone before” kind of vibe.

And, well, as soon as space exploration is on the menu, I’m first in line.

Lyra Sound Systems (Austria) – Northern Shores

Like a fog horn from heaven, the airy lead synth spins up a gorgeous atmosphere of eternal bliss and endless seas of silence and solitude.

One of the recurring dreams of mine is being stationed on an oil rig. It’s shut down and I’m alone there, deep in the jungle of the massive pipes and greasy joints of this rust monster. The untamed sea currents roar deep down below me. Cold, windy, hostile. But so, so calming.

This track here takes me there again. And maybe it’s because of that, but this really is one of the most soothing tracks I’ve heard in a very long time.

All three tracks are found on our really quite fantastic playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we add only the finest species of the genre as soon as we discover them. If you’re only to follow one single ambient playlist, we dare claim it should be this one.