Ambient Universe #54

Three tracks on the experimental side of ambient today, while still all remaining on the harmonic side. And really: You need to hear these.

Phonietone (Denmark) – Space

A fanastically experimental vibe going on in the first track today.

In fact at times it’s a tad too energetic for my preferences, but the really well crafted soundscape made me make an exception. This one must be heard on our Ambient Universe.

Yith & Alessandro Penna (Italy) – Monolith

We’re going even deeper into the experimental sea now, with this intriguing track. An amazing atmosphere, a lovely palette of sounds that really ignites my imagination. Dark, deep, rolling.

Just listen to this! Where on earth (or in space) are we now? What do we hear? I’m placed somehwere maritime, I think. If not on the seas then close to it. Or even in it?

One of my absolute favourite ambient discoveries in recent months. This stuff here, this is what I want to hear more of.

Anaamaly (USA) – Atlantean Bloodlines

We’ve heard from Anaamaly not too long ago, and here he’s back with another gorgeous exploration into his melodic, experimental universe. I particularly appreciate the plucky sounds that is lingering in the background.

Lovely depth to the simple arrangement, with enough surprises to grab our attention but discrete enough to let our minds drift.

All three currently sits proudly on the top of our Spotify playlist Ambient Universe, where all the best ambient releases are added as we discover them.