Beach Lounge Xmas Bliss, part 1

I have gathered a good stack of relaxed vibes to share with you, just in time for the xmas holidays.
Here’s the first trio!

Christoph Kardek (France) – L’Esprit de Jade

Elements of Jazz is never wrong in downtempo tracks. Never. And here the jazzy element really shines in a track that is sweeping past us like waves towards a shore. With a fundamental deep deep bass groove that dives deep into our very mind and swirls like a seductive mermaid.

A lovely, eteral atmosphere that quite frankly could have kept going for a lot longer.

Glowrogues & EMBLM (UK) – Glowing

The next track is a really fascinating one. What you’re about to hear started life as a product of a weekly lockdown sample flip group of East London producers, in which one producer would send a sample to flip, and each producer would have an hour to come up with something. You hear a snippet from Patti Page’s “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” and also features vocals and production from EMBLM, as well as a sax solo from Glowrogues’ Sam Healey.

And the result speaks for itself. A gorgeous melting pot of top tier ingredients, giving us a perfect blend of downtempo but catchy vibes.

ENiGMA Dubz (UK) – Boundless

Here’s a chill track from an artist with a reportoair that spans across a multitude of high energy genres, from dubstep and future bass to garage and drum & bass. And we can hear traces of that in this production. The typical heavy side chain effects, massive bass, hard hitting kick drum – but in a chill wrapping.

I have to admit I find the use of side-chain is way too prominent here. Sounds like a kid gotten hold of the volume remote control. But the vibe is really lovely, and the gorgeous chanting top-line sprinkles a layer of sugar over this already well sweetened track.

An excellent dessert for today’s downtempo dish!

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge”, filled to the brim with lovely downtempo vibes. Regularly updated with new finds, this is one list worth following!