Beach Lounge Xmas Bliss, part 2

We continue our blissful xmas celebration with this new trio of glorious downtempo vibes. This time with vocals being their primary common denominator.

Entity 97 (Australia) & Rice Yao (China) – You’re More Temperate

A track that establish the atmosphere with what makes me think of wind bells, and then perfectly progress with a windy, fragile and tender vocal. I mean, this right here is just pure beauty in the shape of audio waveforms.

There’s clear eighties retro vibes in the arrangement here, and being one who the rare few who are dead tired of the 80s and has been so since, well, pretty much since the eighties first happened, this track still brings back good memories of the more memorable artists from that decade. And that’s quite an achievement.

Astrolemo (Antarctica) – Shifting Darkness

And the great vocals continue with this one, from Astrolemo. A band that – amazingly – claim to come from Antarctica. Not sure how true this actually is, but it sure adds to the vibe of their music.

They describe their own music as a “fusion of modernized Massive Attack, drug-free Flying Lotus and spicy Bonobo”. Sounds about right.

It’s quite rare that I pick tracks as built around the vocals as this one, but if there ever was a moment to make an exception I believe this is it.

Chris Dawkins (UK) – Love & Sacrifice Ft Georgia Harrup

We are back on Beatradar-track with the classic downtempo house beat here, but still with a vocal driving the track forward.

And obviously since this blog is based on sharing tracks that I like I’m about to say something that’s really quite obvious now, but:
I really love the atmosphere in this track. I mean, really. This is stuff that can be played over and over. A perfect blend of the familiar and unique.

All three are added to our downright gorgeous playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect all the tracks we’d play at our chill-out haven.