Beach Lounge Xmas Bliss, part 3

We continue the calm holiday vibes here at Beatradar. And in this our third and last “Xmas Bliss” series we have selected another three excellent recent releases on the chill-out scene.
Enjoy your holiday – soon the new year is upon us!

Cenk Esen (UK) & Timekeeper (Turkey) – Glacier (Rework)

The first track today has a very prominent groove with all the elegantly intricate details in the rhythm section.
FOllowed up by a fittingly elegant organ who carries us into the mild mindset we seek.

A gorgeous, lungy vibe.

Trastler & Undine (Russia) – Letter of Love

Next up is a collab from Russia, and what a lovely result they can show for.

One can claim this is a very “classic” sounding chill out track. The mild vocals, reversed sounds, big bass, the gentle plucks. We kind of feel we’ve heard many of the elements here before in various other epic downtempo creations over the last 2-3 decades.

But that’s not an argument against it at all. Rather they have built upon a well proven and loved style and made it theirs. And especially the slight touch of jazzy piano really takes it over the top for me.

Murakumo – Come And Show Me

We’re heading towards breakbeat grounds with this last track – another of my favourite genres. We’re still on the calmer side of things though, well suited for our imaginary Beach Lounge. And also a track that reminds me of one of my all time downtempo favourites: Kidsø.

Murakumo himself describes his track as a “song for slow motion body popping and trance-like reflection”. And while the body popping bit is not for me I’m totally in on enjoying the trance-like vibes.
Who’s with me?

All three are added to our serene playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect all the finest downtempo tracks as we discover them. Tracks with just the right touch of pure chill-out class.