Breaking The Records #3

There’s something about breakbeat that’s just so darn FUN. The playful drum patterns, the unhinged vibe, the blunt celebration of BEATS. Here’s two that shares a gorgeous retro vibe over classic beats.

Sick James (USA) – Deeper

It’s so fun to still find tracks like these. True old-school vibes going on here – with the cover art to match. Classic samples, elegantly stitched together over a seducing beat of a classic playful flavour.

The result is a track that pulls in plenty of references back to the old pioneers of the genre, a pool of artists I feel very confident mr James is well familiar with.

Its A Trick (UK) – Lie To Me

We’re continuing the classic vibes with this next track from the UK, sporting vocal samples that sounds like it could have been lifted from a movie from the golden age?

Either way it’s a track with roots back to those same legacy of breaks as the first track. And as such, it excels in what it sets out to do. This track is a journey!

Both tracks are added to our increasingly awesome Breakbeat playlist on Spotify, “Breaking The Records“. Some truly slamming breaks to be found there. Regularly updated!