House For Clubbers!

It’s time to pull out the big kicks and whip up the frantic club vibes again. Two from the classic Tech House bag, and one from the cross-lands between Tech House and techno.

Dark Suit & RegĂŞ (Brazil) – Ghostly

First out is this clubby stomper of a house track. And what a classic beat it is. Takes me straight back to when I was a resident DJ at one of the underground clubs in Oslo – a lot of these kind of vibes were pushed there.

A rock solid track to make the floor boil. Effective use of the vocal samples, and it’s really cool to hear a track like this from Brazil! That’s not too often around here.

Mittone (Germany) – Feeling

And we keep pushing the good tech house vibe with this next one, from Germany. A perfect continuation from the above track.

And speaking of days of the past: This is called Tech House today. Back in the days (like 20 years ago) this kind of house were called “Club”, or “Hard Club”, a genre name no longer seen. Funny how names change but content remains, and this vibe here is really turning into something I’d call “timeless” now. At least if we keep our scope on this side of the milennia. 🙂

Bulldoozr – Club Banger

And for the last track today I drag you with me deeper into our underground club, down to the darkest floor. Bye-bye bounciness.
Oh hello there pounding, how well you slam!

Bulldoozr simply calls his track “Club Banger”, and indeed it is. And I got a strong feeling this won’t be the last banger we’ve heard from him.

This is peak hour material. And may that hour never end!

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “House For Clubbers”, where we collect the tracks best suited for the core clubber crowds.