More Eighties Than The 80s Itself #2

Quadruple feature today, with four excellent tracks that takes us straight back to the decade of the pastels!

Futurelust – For the Ones That Got Away

How about this one for some Duran Duran vibes? Really good vocalist here, in an excellent performance.

Great arrangement too. I especially like the drum arrangement here, sounds absoutely smashing. And that guitar? Well, I’m back in the decade of the neon lights now.

A truly great track that is spot on what I seek for our playlist.

Silvertwins of funk (Sweden) – Funk Onion (feat. M-Rock Emrik)

But the eighties were not all about synth pop and high hair rock. The funk were also very much present and Silvertwins represent that sound perfectly in this gem of a track.

This is stuff that The Time could have made. Or The Tower Of Funk. Or really any of the other top tier funk acts of the eithies.

Stephen Houston (UK) – The Stars

And just as rare as a funk tracks have been on our retro coverage thus far, so is a pop ballad.

So finally we’re about to feature one of that kind on this blog, and what a beautiful little track it is! A very simple and atmospheric arrangement that leads me to think of acts like Pet Shop Boys.

The Golden Hour – The Dance

The last track today is as synthwave as it can get, isn’t it? A very legit 80s vibe that so totally could have been found on a soundtrack back then.

Dunno about you but I get Simple Minds vibes from this?

All four are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “More Eighties Than The 80s Itself”, where we collect only the finest tracks that sounds like they could have been released back then. We’re really proud of this list, it’s fantastic – have a listen!