The Beach Lounge #5

Three tracks with classic chill-out vibes today. Gorgeous vocals, piano, orchestral strings, jazzy vibes… Yeah we’re on familiar but oh so treasured grounds now.
Three new favourites to play at our imaginary beach club!

Bad Tuner (USA) – Coast

There’s something about the french language. It just sounds so… Classy. Elegant. Sexy. Exactly how we want our chilled out music to be.

I actually don’t think you need more than a beat and a female voice speaking French and we’re good to go. But Bad Tuner didn’t stop there, and provides a backing that extrudes those same vibes: Classy, elegant, sexy.

So this track offers a combo made in heaven.

End of Code (USA) – Nothing Hurts Feat. Dee Rose (Master & Gain Remix)

We continue with the elegant vocals here, even though we lose the French we remain on the classy side of House.

But it’s actually not the lead vocals that fetched my interest at first, but rather that rhythmic whispering that is looped in the background. Damn cool detail, very groovy but in a wonderfully sublime way. In fact it made me get a few ideas for a track of my own.

A track perfect for our Beach Lounge.

akaMatisse – On My Way To Heaven

Piano. What a wonderfully expressive instrument. It can sound anything from the thinnest and most fragile thing you can imagine, to a powerful hammer that rumbles the walls. Therefore there’s hardly a genre where it doesn’t work – and downtempo is of course not an exception.

But it’s the strings that really pulled this track over the finishing line for me. A lovely trio(?) of strings that at least to my ears sounds like a real recording?

It has a fine touch of jazzy vibes, but more than that it has that gorgeous orchestral atmosphere that lifts the whole creation into something grande. And the use of the pretty prominent and heavy hitting beat underneath makes for a really nice contrast.

All three are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge” where we collect the perfect tracks to create a laid-back lounge atmosphere. A list well worth adding to your collection!