The Beach Lounge #6

Three new great downtempo discoveries for you today. Two that are spot on what we seek for our lounge, and one that is totally unlike anything else we’ve played so far.
Time for a new session at our beloved beach lounge!

Task (USA) – Oh My

A dreamy, floating vibe here, with an excellent sound design that really captured my attention right from the start. A sound that makes this one really unique – it sticks to your mind.

And this is a kind of a track that can be kept running on repeat for a really long time, while you let your thoughts drift away.
A perfect track for our beach lounge.

Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle (Germany) – Vacades

And we continue that glorious downtempo lounge vibe here. A gorgeous house beat establish the foundation of the track, and a fine little touch of jazz vibe is draped across it.

And Jazz is never bad in this context. Well, Jazz is never bad, period.

And again we have an excellent sound design to enjoy. Great work from this exciting duo, whose backgrounds stretch across several club/dance genres of more upbeat character, including Drum’n’bass.

littleuniverses (Canada) – Broken Dreams

… and now, for something completely different.

In fact so different that I for a good while were paralysed by an inability to decide. This is way, waaay off what I usually select for this blog.

But still, when I heard it I instantly I loved it. Loved it like I loved Prince’s track “God” (a rather experimental b-side of the single Purple Rain) back in the days. A powerful, dramatic performance. Massive soundscape. Atmospheric as can be. Cinematic.

And just really, really good.

And I thought: While this one might not have blended as well into the evening as the other tracks I’d play at our imaginary beach lounge, I’d still play it.
And that’s why I am writing about it here now. Because, as any good DJ can tell you, sometimes an outlier is exactly what is needed in a set.

And man, what a track.

All three are found on our exquisite Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge”, where we collect only the finest tracks suitable to be played at a beach lounge of the kind where we want to hang.