The Deep Lounge #5

Time to head back to the deep. Down where the sun may not shine, but the glow of the vibe is real. Let’s head down to our Deep House Lounge.

Durosai (USA) – Stik n Poke

A deep, minimal house track has the honour of starting our session today. A truly hypnotic and calm atmosphere stretches out over a good sevem minutes – proper club track length.

He states that he’s “influenced by the vibrations of deep space and the percussive grooves of South India”. And, well, no objections here. This stuff is spaced out. And I mean that exclusively in a good way.

Ben Ohr (Canada) – Are You Home

We’re leaving Orlando in the US of A and head north to Canada, where we find this slightly brighter and more upbeat creation from Ben Ohr.

Still deep though. Still contained. And elegant. And just the right amount of progression in an otherwise quite minimal arrangement. Some chords here, some choir there, scattered sparsely around in just the right amounts.

I really dig this track. It has everything I love deep house for.

Hot Tub (Canada) – Lost Myself Today

Rounding off with a vocal based deep house track.
… Now, vocal based house in general and maybe especially deep house is not something that has a good chance of passing my deep house screening, as it usually pulls the track too far over on the mainstream side of things.

And right off the bat one can rightfully be worried if the same will be the case here.

But let it roll. Give it a minute. Let it get a grip on you, wait and see. Once it’s under your skin you don’t want it to end.
This is good shit.

All three tracks are added to maybe the playlist of ours I’m most proud of: The Deep Lounge. A real active and enthusiastic group of followers of this list, who share a view on what good deep house and lounge sounds like.