The Deep Lounge #6

There should never be a week without a new batch of Deep House tracks. And this week we have three excellent ones from each their continents of the world.

Ale Poe (Venezuela) – Too Far Gone

I’ll say it right away: This is one of my current favourite tracks, and that’s not an obvious thing. Being very melodic and spun around the vocals, it’s of the more mainstream tracks I’ve approved for this column.

But the vibe is just perfect. A lovely dark depth, a groove that is rock solid, and a vocal that doesn’t demand too much, it just gels perfectly with the vibe.

This one will stay on our lists for a while.

Mettā (USA) – Closer (Feat. Tekna)

We’re upping the intensity a bit with this next one, from the United States. A really funky beat and a brighter soundscape makes this one well suited for the latter half of a deep house set.

A solid piece of work, and especially the arrangement during the break around halfway impressed us. Taking their time, but never a dull moment.

Deorbiting (Germany) – Hypnotika

We’re going real deep now, and quite techy. This German duo calls their track “trance for adults”. And, well, if this qualifies as trance then for once I too can appreciate that genre 🙂

Trance or not: It offers a trippy, groovy and – yes – hypnotic venture into the deepest waters of House, and do so in a succesful manner. The result is a proper underground groove that satisfies the core crowd.

This is one for the real clubs.

All three are found on our glorious Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the finest, deepest house grooves as we discover them.