The Electronica Outskirts #10

Ah yeah. Let’s go seek out the world of the weird and wonderful experiments again. Time to head to the brink of the electronica wasteland!

Iteration and Discord (USA) – To Say Goodbye

An intriguing atmosphere on this one. Experimental, absolutely, but the more fragmented and “random” something sounds like, the harder it gets to make something that works, because the fragments still need to have some sort of common grounds or it just sounds, well, random.

And this track here is so coherent, each fragment pulling towards the same direction, and that leaves a unison impression and a track that’s lovely to explore.

An-Ten-Nae (USA) – Holographic Medicine Part 1

And speaking of explorations, how about this one for some deep exploration? The whole thing is like an attraction at a weird theme park!

I particularly love the various human sounds (especially the whistling!), works remarkably well and adds an extra dimension.

I really don’t know what else to say, other than: Take a listen!
Enjoy the ride!

Veikster (Estonia) – Can’t Put My Finger On It

Rounding off this session into the unknown with this heavy, dark, cold monster of a track. The most rhythmic of the three, this is a track that I can imagine would be really effective to mix on top of a very minimal techno/house track, to spice of the track, chop it up and just go bananas. A DJ tool, plain and simple.

But it also stands proudly on its own feet, of course. This is dark, cold, minimal and weirdly catchy.

All three tracks, along with many more are found on our Spotify playlist, “The Eletronica Outskirts” where we collect the finest experimental productions as we discover them.