The Electronica Outskirts #11

Well off the mainstream highway, we’re taking the scenic route as we traverse the audio landscape. Three new releases from the brink of electronica awaits!

Joy Morales (USA) – For Ever

Fantastic arrangement on this one. Intriguing backing of reversed sounds and excellent bass play establish this track as one to remember. Refreshingly chaotic and fragmented, like the best modern jazz compositions out there, yet with a structure in place that enables us to follow the track with ease.

Add to that a vocalist that fits perfefctly in this audio landscape, and you got a clear winner in my book. And that ending? Just perfect. This is one worth listening to.

notsure (USA) – Coarsed

One could say we’re going from one extreme to the other now. From an experimental perspective this one is much closer to the highway mentioned in the introduction. But an uniquely atmospheric track with a quite introvert vibe. Slightly unnerving, still chilled and calm.

And it’s the glitches that made me fall in love with this one. I’m just such a sucker for glitchy details. Stuttering vocals, chopped up samples, all that jazz. I’m all over it. And here it is done in just the right amount.

Two Landscapes (USA) – Nonplussed

And if Coarsed was a bit too accessible for you, how about this one to scratch your experimental itch? A collage of blurred voices and ambient pads. A collage that is slowly, almost unnoticably building momentum towards a break midway.

Remarkably imaginative and fantasty-indulging, this one was an obvious entry in our experimental coverage and an excellent addition to our playlist!

All three are added to our experimental tour de force, the Spotify playlist “Electronica Outskirts” where we collect only the finest tracks from the wide-spanning world of experimental electronica.