The Jazz Lounge

Two really accessible jazzy creations for you today. Because sometimes we deserve that. Like we deserve a soft ice. Or a colourful lollipop.

Ok, wtf am I onto now? No idea… But these two will make you forget my horrible ingress.

Jez_Ebel (Norway) – Blossom

The first track today is actually quite different from what I select for our Jazz lounge. Bossa Nova vibes with just a touch of delicate, gentle and playful jazz vibes.

And one of the friendliest, mildest and kindest vocals I’ve heard in a while. This track might give you sweet puffy cloud dreams.

Kats (Australia) – Clouds

This is perfect jazz lounge material.
I am a huge fan of piano in jazz, and the piano play here is just excellent. Improvisational vibes that showcase the musicality of the performing artists like little else.

The whole arrangement invites you to tag along and explore it. Yet accessible enough to fill the backdrop of a glorious evening with low conversations without ever demanding your attention.

Both tracks are added to our Jazz Lounge playlist, “The Nu Jazz / Jazztronica Lounge” where the reside with other excellent releases from the last few months. Well worth exploring!