The Jazzy lounge

Here’s three recently discovered releases on the jazz scene that holds that perfect jazz vibe we seek for our nujazz lounge. Modern sounding, yet with that true jazz feel that we’ve come to love around here.

No. 18 & Soul Food Horns – In Green

First up is a track that smoothly balance on the edge between electronica and jazz, blending the two quite excellently. Solid, jazzy horns elegantly swags on a bed of house groove and electronica details.

Stéphane Adsuar – Sentiment Of The Sublime

The next one takes us in the direction of the open and wild seas of free jazz. A lovely arrangement, excellent percussive work, and again with horns as the primary engine of this melodic vehicle.

TC & The Groove Family – Temple

And finally, how about this groovy affair, from the Brits TC & The Groove Family? Intriguing arrangement, this nine minute long exeperience is a true journey through jazzland.

I can only imagine that they are quite the band to experience live!

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “The Nu Jazz/Jazztronica Lounge”, where we collect our jazz favourites as we discover them.