The Progressive Underground #6

The deep, dark house tracks with the lovely, steady progression on top of a energetic beat. That’s where it all started for me as a DJ. So let’s head back to progressive house and the close derivatives.
Here’s three tracks with each their own distinct vibe.

Ferdinand Hübl (Austria) – No Time for Problems (No Time Edit)

Starting off with a house track with at least one foot in the progressive camp. But it’s real crossover, this one. And above all, it has a really unique vibe, it sounds like nothing else out there.

Proper underground, totally trippy.
So I don’t really care what you label this track. I just know that I love it.

Brooks Aleksander (USA) – You

The next one is much further over on the “classic” progressive house sound. Complete with swelling synths, a touch of melody but staying with a safe distance to the trance border.

This is the kind of vibe that really, really takes me back. It’s lovely to hear this still being made!

Brodyr (UK) – Try And Stop Me

We’re over on the mainline house side of things now, at least it starts out that way. But keep it rolling, and you’ll find a gorgeous, deep progression that at least makes me approve this one for our progressive house column.

And as such, it adds a third distinct vibe to our Progressive Underground session.

All three are found on our properly underground vibed Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground”, where we collect the real progressive house and close crossovers.