The Underground House Bunker #3

Covid is still putting restrictions on our clubbing activities, but nobody can restrict us from bouncing around like madmen in our own flats! Here’s three excellent new releases to bounce to.

Sam James (UK) – Saturday Night

Warming up today’s session is Sam James with his ultra-classic House vibe.

This one just works. Lovely and quite timeless groove, this one grooves just as well on the floor as it would in a bar.

The right kind of bar. On a Saturday Night, obviously.

D Loudon (Germany) – Skip

More minimalistic next, with this fantastic little Deep Tech gem from Germany. A gorgeous progression throughout the track provides just the right amount of throttle.

And that lovely buildup during the break? Omg. This is club vibes picked exclusively from the top shelf!

Gspnst & SPEEDY (Germany) – Ticc

And we stay in Germany as we’re rounding off todays session on darker grounds. Some serious beats on display here, with a gorgeous tech house drive to kill for.

Haunting, insisting, hypnotic… Oh yeah – this is how we want it.

You should be primed for takeoff now. If not there’s nothing I can do for you, my friend! I mean, this is as clubby as it can get in my book.

This is the real deal.

All three tracks are found on our excellent Spotify playlist, “The underground House Bunker“, where we collect all the real club tracks. No mainstream cheese to be found there – this is for those who know what clubbing is about.