This is techno #3

Usually I start off the week a bit soft and calm. Not this week. It’s time to shake our bacon to these truly underground, booming techno tracks fresh from the factory.

DJ Ralph (France) – Unlockdown

And the kicks can’t get much more booming than what we have here. Quite minimal arrangement, an arrangement that is given good time to establish itself in our minds. As it should.

It’s a sense of danger over this track. Slightly unsettling, seductively insisting. So keep rollin’, Ralph. This is dark, this is good.

Kill Script (USA) – Stasis

And from the booming we enter the slamming. God damn how this one stomps.
And when the hook kicks in? Mental.

If the first track were a bit unsettling, this one is full on red alert on the scale. Shit’s happening here, and we can only cling onto the ride.

But we dig it.

Franko Carino & NGC 21 (USA) – Big Crunch (Argy Remix)

We’re going deeper with this last track, from the Limp Bizkit member Franko Carino. Argy is responsible for the remix, and what a great piece of work it is. Excellent sound design and a keen eye for production details makes this one a pure delight to listen to.

An incredibly atmospheric track is the result, with just the right amount of hammering kicks to make this one eligible for peak hour pumping.

Unlockdown” doesn’t seem to be on Spotify, but the other two are added to our Spotify playlist “THIS Is Techno“, where we collect all the finest peak hour tracks as we discover them.