This Is Techno #4

Hot off the techno press, here’s three solid stompers to shake up your xmas spirit.

Cautz (Germany) – G.O.D. (Gates Of Damnation)

Starting off in true techno darkness. Quite melodic and meaty this one, compared with what I usually go for when it comes to techno.
But there’s just something about the drive here that caught my attention.

The main question I ask myself when browsing new techno releases is, “would I dig this one on a massive sound system?”. And to be honest, I don’t think I’d want a full set filled with this. But to spice up a set? Hell yeah, totally. This track is filled to the brim with a quite cinematic vibe that works.

Don Tavetti (Turkey) – OKD

This is not the first time we feature a solid underground club track from Turkey here on Beatradar. Evidently there’s a lot more going on in that country than what Erdogan wants us to believe.

And this one is more typical for what you’ll find amongst my techno selections. A very beat focused production where everything else really just revolves around it. It’s hard, it’s cold, it’s dark… And we love it.

Interestingly the producer can tell us, “this is a track made from just a kick sample. All the elements you hear in the track come from a kick.”

All of them? Including that siren sound?
Amazing. Plus a production technique very much in the spirit of the genre.

James Halon (USA) – Green Skies

The final contribution today comes from the United States. Again a tad more melodic than what you usually find under the techno banner here at Beatradar.

One could argue this is a crossover between progressive house and techno. And that’s a combo I for one have no objections against. The progressive drive is prominent here, as is the techno beat.

And I love both. Don’t you agree?

All three are added to our collection of solid stompers, on the Spotify playlist “This Is Techno”. That’s where we collect only the finest peak hour techno tracks as we discover them.