Ambient Universe #56

It’s long overdue for a new session of Ambient Universe, the first one of the new year!
But it was worth the wait: I have three real ambient nuggets waiting for you here. Please proceed into our chambre de ambiente.

Tranquil Tonality UK) – Thought Bubbles

I start this session in a mild, kind way, as this pink bubbler of a track takes us to a tranquil place of soft, floating ease of mind.

Hypnotic… Downright sweet. That’s what this one is. Beautiful. Like a cuddly little princess in her deepest sleep.

Icoro (Sweden) – Encore

Listen to the size of this thing… It’s massive! Huge, huuuuge soundscape. Gigantic, but very quiet. And dark. Very dark.

But not lifeless. There’s something here, some life-form that is slowly awakened.

This track here really is spot on what I seek for this playlist. And again… Listen to the SIZE of this thing!
What a fantastic universe to traverse!

Roky Hill & The Garden of Daggers (Finland) – Horros

And I am rounding off this session still on a dark note. Wer’re over to Finland now, and this glorious, deep, dark but soothing affair really made me stop and listen.

Glorious details with the fragile flute like harmonies, carefully draped across hollow, dark, deep pads of nothingness.

The excellent sound design makes me wonder if what I hear is indeed a synth or a heavily processed accoustic recording. Quite orchestral, the whole thing.

A fantastic atmosphere.

All three are added to our much loved Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect the finest tracks for space travellers. Music to dream to.