Breaking The Records #4

Our relentless search for the good breakbeat releases continues. Here’s two from the American continent.

The Dolls Are Good (Canada) – Music for Midnight

Ah, these are such feelgood breaks. It’s not the brutal, gritty and dark breaks that I usually fall for, but the classic bouncy break vibe sure is in place here, in abdundanse.

And the oldschool vibe here is not coincidential at all: The Dolls Are Good aka film-maker and producer Nadeem Akhtar tells us he’s drawing on the ambition, excitement and eclecticism of the UK music scene in the 1990s.

I’d say you’re spot on with this one, Nadeem.

Stojac (USA) – I Got Maced

Here’s a fun one. A proper underground release, only available on Soundcloud.

It’s using samples from the now infamous video clip of a poor little Karen who imagined she was part of a revolution, and felt she was badly treated for being so;

It doesn’t take more than one recorded idiot, some solid breaks, a synth hook and voila: You got a track worth playing! 🙂

I Got Maced” is only found on Soundcloud (perhaps for obvious reasons), but “Music For Midnight” is added to our excellent breakbeat playlist, “Breaking The Records“, where we collect only the finest new breaks as we discover them.