It’s House Music! #5

You know, I’ve often had a focus on the perhaps slightly less accessible and introvert releases here on Beatradar. The deeper, darker, less melodic tracks that are a bit “for those in the know”.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s two bright, uplifting, fun and funky tracks that would still be granted access to the underground club caves.

Itscanturan (Turkey) – Antidote

First out is a house production that peaks on the bouncy scale. I mean, just listen to this. If this one here isn’t fodder for the dance feet then nothing is.
Even I, being the shy guy who don’t really enter a dance floor unless seriously intoxicated – and even then only discrete moves are on the menu – even I want to just throw myself off the chair here and jump mindlessly around in the office.

And that – my friends – that is a sure sign that this track is one solid TRIGGER.

DuBeats & Bondar (USA) – Through Changes

Ah yeah, how’s this for classic house vibes!

Based in San Diego, USA, DuBeats is a funky house act run by Dan Williams. Dan began producing house music in 2008. After cycling through many aliases he started the DuBeats project in 2012.

And the track he delivers to us here indicates to me that mr Williams do have his share of club nights under the belt during the years of late 90s and onward.

This is a timeless, solid funky house groove – well balanced between being underground enough to be played at all the right places, yet accessible enough to be enjoyed also outside the inner circles of house.

Both of today’s nuggets are added to our groovy Spotify playlist, “It’s House Music!” where all the most groovy classic house vibes are gathered as we discover them. Weekly updated – well worth following if smooth, accessible house music is your thing.