Progression from the East

Progressive House from Japan! How cool is that? And that’s what I have for you now. Surely a first here on Beatradar.

TsuruSwing – Strix Uralensis(MoogRemix)

I mean, it’s not like it’s unthinkable, proghouse from Japan. Japan has a thriving music scene, with a vibrant electronica underground. It’s just something I’ve not come across before, and I love stuff that’s new to me.

And here we have a house production that is quite melodic, especially in the breaks, but with that wonderful, thick, deep, dark groove that is what I so eagerly seek.
.. Almost regardless of genre, now that I think about it.

And the mix is also, as far as I am able to hear, plain perfect. The bass is stuck like glue in the bottom here, building a rock solid foundation to the melodic layers that grace the surface.

But it never loses contact with the fundamental groove. It’s there, it’s solid, and it’s magnificent.

This is one fine piece of progressive house. A great introduction to the Japanese proghouse scene.

This track is obviously added to our quite splendid Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest progressive grooves as we discover them.