Synthwave Sunday

Let me take you back to the land of the never fading neon and docker shoes with no socks. Where the hair is high and the belts are thin.

Time to descend into the pool of synthwaves.

Munatix – Longing For Some Time With Me

Ah man this is the sound of Jimmy Sommerville, Bronski Beat, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics and pretty much the entire rest of the synth elite of the 80s jampacked into one track.

And, well, I don’t really know what else to say about this one. This’d be a hit in the 80s. That’s too damn sure. At least if it were accompanied by a matching sassy music video (MTV reigned those days).

TW3LV (France) x Cimo Fränkel (Netherlands) – Night Drive

And from one rock solid syntyhwave track to another. This collaborations between two experienced synth pop artists, their result is just everything that makes synthwave so fun to listen to.

The legitimacy of the arrangement is through the roof – the only thing giving away that this is of a newer date is the overly aggressive compression applied. So one yellow card for that.

The rest is just spot on.

Both of these nuggets are added to our splendid Spotify playlist “More eighties than the 80s itself“, where they reside alongside other excellent recent productions taken from the wonderful world of synthwave.