The Beach Lounge #7

It may be because of the dark winter season here in Norway, but one of my favourite places to hang these days is at our imaginary Beach Lounge. A lounge that I have promised to create someday. In the land of Cyprus. It will happen!
But until then, we do have the music. Here’s three of the tracks I’d play at such a place.

Loungetunes (Germany) – Feel My Love

We’ve listned to this German gentleman before under the Beach Lounge banner. And that should not be a surprise, hearing how he so faithfully qualifies at all the checkpoints that can be listed on the chilled memo:

Jazzy female vocalist? Check.
Loungy beat? Check.
Gentle melody? Check.
Synth strings? Check.

Seldom have I seen an artist name, as generic as it may be, being more true to the content delivered. And, well: The result is simply seductive.

Borderline elevator music? Perhaps. And I think I’ve already mentioned that during an earlier Beach Lounge session.
But there’s just no denying this is beautiful.

Konchord ft. Dada von Weis (Germany) – It’s Hard Not To Stay Forever

We’re staying in Germany for one more track, but this is really quite a different beast. Downtempo, but of a much darker and clubby nature.

And hypnotic. Extremely so. Maybe a bit too “underground clubby” for our sunny and bright Beach Lounge? I hear ya, but damn. I just had to bring this one to y’all.

Because I simply love this track.

Rögg Collins (USA) – Off My Mind (Catch the Rise Remix)

This last one though, is very beach lounge style. Dark, swelling bass gives us a touch of club feel, while being way down on the energy level. This is chillout material, being it at a sunny beach or during a trippy afterparty. Either way, we’re here to lay down.

A bit hard on the side-chain, I must admit. I think I must have developed an intolerance for that effect. It’s become so exceptionally over-used during the last five years or so. This track here do not represent the worst example of it being utilised, though. I just wish it would have been a notch lighter on the swells.

But that does not prevent me from playing it for you – cause the totality here is where we want it to be.

All three are found on our great downtempo Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where all the best and most chill tracks are collected as we discover them. Regularly updated!